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Not only do we farm our own oysters, but we sell the equipment to get others started as well.

All the gear we sell is gear we use ourselves, so we know it works. Oyster farming can be as simple as a single float bag tied to your dock or as involved as a cage system, shown in the picture at left. Look at the different equipment options and then contact us. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as help you get your own farm up and running. Already farming oysters? Email your pictures to farms@ for us to post on our website

Grow-Out Equipment

Cages • Trays •
Float Bags • Floating Cages •
Flip Floats 


Wire Cutters • Clip Guns •
Hog Ring Guns • Clips •
Hog Rings • Wire Benders

Oyster Maintenance

Sorters • Graders •
Conveyors • Upwellers •
Complete Sorting Systems


Catch Sticks • Gloves •
Shucking Knives

Rope / Line

Bridle Line • Long Line •
Tag Line • Line Clips •
Anchors • Rope Cutter •
Shock Cord (Bungee)

Mesh & Bags

Wire Mesh • Plastic Mesh •
S-Hooks • Grow-out Bags •
Stainless Steel Bag Clips

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